Chocoholic x ROMderful – 7PM

Chocoholic x ROMderful – 7PM

Music is something that always stands out when its creative. When it has that special quality to it that stops you in your tracks, to take notice to this unique sound thats on full display. As much as people can follow trends, music that dares to be original and shines with its own sound, are the records that will last the times, and Chocoholic does that with her new song “7PM” featuring ROMderful.

Chocoholic and ROMderful come together to magic that feels good to hear on the. new song “7PM”. The bright bubbly sound of the music catches you instantly, with a blissful touch to it that makes you catch the vibes in the music. With this creative sound you get a fun vocal performance that has nice cheeky flair to it that make you enjoy, the song just as much as they had making it, with ROMderful bringing that extra flair to the music to make it a record you will enjoy more with each passing second.

Chocoholic and ROMderful’s “7PM” is fresh innovative sound that keeps music being a fun culture to be apart of. It embodies everything it is to bring a new song to the world, with a sound that you cant get from anywhere, and that will surely keep you coming back to enjoy the magic in this record for time to come.

Check out Chocoholic and ROMderful “7PM” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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