Just Nell – S.G (4K)

Just Nell – S.G (4K)

As an artist its great to be one that sounds great, but its even more important to be felt. That presence to your approach that makes you feel like the real deal to the people, while your talent does all of the talking to people on notice, to pay attention to this master at work. That real feel is what you get from Just Nell on his new must hear record “S.G (4K)”.

Just Nell lets his major talent shine through on his new incredible release “S.G (4K)”. He doesn’t waste a single second of the listener’s time, with his major sound blaring out of the speakers to make you get invested in to the artistry. The production is amazing in the tone it sets, and the rhyming is even better, with an ambitious hungry flow you hear desire in to point you feel the soul in it all. The lyrics are sharp and intricate, as well as filled with substance as his rhymes hit with precision in each line, to connect it all in a divine way.

Just Nell’s “S.G (4K)” is that high level work that makes you keep an eye on an artist. In a time where most music can be put into one box, he breaks out of the box and tears it to shreds with an unapologetic approach to the music, that makes shine in every way, on his pursuit to ultimate greatness.

Check out Just Nell “S.G (4K)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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