Pale Moon – Clown

Pale Moon – Clown

The world is moving faster by the day. So many things out there to consume and vying for our attention in every direction, that is hard to really slow down and just enjoy something. It takes a special kind of music to make you take time, to truly take in the art in the music that makes you take time to give it your all, as you get invested in the creativity that makes it stand out from everything else out there. Pale Moon brings that type of music with their new song “Clown”.

Pale Moon bring a supreme dreamy sound that you feel all the emotion in on the new song “Clown”. The psychedelic sound grabs you right away, with a nice chill feel to it that stops you right away, as you take on the energy of it all in a real way. As you feel the intricacies of the sound, you are really able to enjoy the brilliance in the writing, that bares it self to the world capturing the waves of emotion that comes with, dealing with serious issues with humor, as a way to guard yourself. The relatable substance to the music is delivered just right by an amazing vocal performance, that conveys the right amount of emotion at every turn to give you an intimate experience of music that has made music such a powerful tool for the world, to dive deeper on this song that doesn’t miss.

Pale Moon’s “Clown” is a record that truly gives you everything. This stellar collective is able to showcase their talent in every way, with a stand out sound in the production, writing that is daring in its articulation, and an incrizbdle vocal performance that brings it all together, while we the people get to hear music that we can enjoy without limits. Hit play now and enjoy this special sound that you will love every second of.

Check out Pale Moon “Clown” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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