Anushka – Bad Weather (Remix by STR4TA)

Anushka – Bad Weather (Remix by STR4TA)

Music is most enjoyable with you hear the magic in it. That creative approach to the music that helps it shine through in a major way, as the new life to it makes it. great listen. Especially when hearing a remix to a song. An approach that was meant to make you reimagine music that you already love, and this new remix of Anushka’s “Bad Weather” by STR4TA is one of those tunes.

A beautiful funky sound is what you get from this new remix of Anushka’s “Bad Weather” by STR4TA. The music grooves to it with live instrumentation that gives the music, a special touch that vibes to the fullest as it builds well through out with infectious melodies, and funky instrumentation that does it part to make sure you hit the dance floor and get lost in the beauty of it all, as the vocals slide right in to take it to a supreme level of music that one listen will never be enough for.

Anushka’s “Bad Weather” Remix by STR4TA is that music that keeps on giving and shows how much creativity is still out there to put in music. When you hit play you get music that truly embodies being an experience for the listener, with a sound that builds a world around you that stops time for you, and allows you to just feel the good energy from the music, that makes the world a more fun place to enjoy due to this one of. kind sound.

Check out Anushka “Bad Weather (Remix by STR4TA) below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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