Saint Djuni – Modern Times

Saint Djuni – Modern Times

In a time where there’s no shortage of music to get into, there seems to be a void of authenticity in music. Due to that fact people now more than ever, are hanging onto classic releases of music that carry that feel good sound, that seems harder to find by the day. As people reminisce about the golden times of music, Saint Djuni who always delivers, are able to bring that to life on their new song “Modern Times”.

Saint Djuni brings their signature feel good sound energetic sound to deal with missing the creativity in music on the new song “Modern Times”. The music shines to the fullest, as the brightness in the sound brings light to the world, with a glow to it that you cant deny. As much as the sound shines, the vocals shine through even more with the infectious energy in the approach, taking over in a major way to bring the writing that is packed with substance to life, for all of us who feel like we were born in the wrong time, and just want to feel something real in music again.

Saint Djuni’s “Modern Times” is a brilliant smash of a release that shows where a major commercial sound, and supreme musicianship meet to make something that stands out in every way. The music embodies everything that you want to hear from a fresh release, with a stand out sound that you feel the newness and daring spirit in, to make you want to enjoy the song in every way.

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