Braden Ross- useless 2.0

Braden Ross- useless 2.0

One of the hardest things in the world to be is an artist. A craft that puts you at the mercy of peoples opinion about what they consider to be great music, especially as an upcoming artist. That space where you’re trying to come up in this digital age, where every like and comment counts for everything, as you not only compete with other artists trying to make it, but mainstream artists as well. Braden Ross is able to take us deep into that struggle on his new song “useless 2.0”.

Braden Ross brings light to the woes of social media and trying to make it as an artist present day on his new song “useless 2.0”. The sound packs emotion, as well as appeal with a commercial sound that sets the ultimate tone to make it digestible for us all to enjoy. As you feel the sound, you are able to enjoy Braden’s singing that is warm in its tone to take the emotion of the music to a righteous level, with the writng coming to life that artists and people everywhere will be able to feel and relate to.

Braden Ross “useless 2.0” is a song that makes you feel an intimate connection with the artists behind the music, due to the authenticity in it, to make it that much more realer for us all. It stands out musically, with everything have a high standard of quality to it that, make it stand out from other releases, while having that magic touch of soul to it that makes it a record you can keep coming back to, for the true feeling of it all.

Check out Braden Ross “useless 2.0” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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