Avery Raquel – All Up to You

Avery Raquel – All Up to You

Music is something that can really be a thing of trends. Something that represents that represents what’s hot at the moment, but some things will always be in, and music that packs soul is one of those things. Those records that stand out because of how good it feels to listen to, as the magic of it all comes to life to make us want to keep coming back for more. Avery Raquel has one of those timeless records on her new song “All Up to You”.

Avery Raquel delivers a jam that does wonders to the spirit on the new song “All Up to You”. It has a nice classic touch to the sound, that takes you back to the days of releases being packed with real emotion, to make a connection with the listener, with no other with a funky approach that sets the right tone for us all to get invested in. As you get caught in the beauty of the sound, you get swept away by Avery’s amazing vocals that shines through it all, with so much soul to them its hard not to become an instant fan, while she delivers the writing just right to make it all truly perfect.

Avery Raquel’s “All Up to You” is a must hear release, from a must hear artist that is set to go far. Even in a time where music is more subjective than ever, this record stands above that with everything being done at an undeniable level to make sure, we all can just hit play and be fans of this special sound that gets better with every listen.

Check out Avery Raquel “All Up to You” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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