Afrobeatsbyada – Love Your Body

Afrobeatsbyada – Love Your Body

Music has long been something that has instilled confidence in the listener. That thing that we all run to that pours into the listener in a way like no other, as it builds up to love ourself in a time where we may not. It’s those anthems that make the people proud of who they are, that lasts the times and has made music something that we cant do with out. The spirit of that is what runs wild in the new song from AfrobeatsByAda on her new song “Love Your Body”.

AfrobeatsByAda brings the perfect self love anthem for the times on the new song “Love Your Body”. The record shines in many ways, with a strong Afrobeats sound that pushes things forward, as she plays the perfect guide for this sound that she brings to life, as you get to take in the music you get to really catch the gems in the writing, that builds the listener, to give them a confidence that they can boast and be proud of who they are, on this record that gives the listener the more they need to get through.

AfrobeatsByAda’s “Love Your Body” is a record that shows the tue power of music. It shines musically to give the listener something enjoyable to listen to, but even more it gives the listener a record that they can play when they need it most, on this song that will have you loving yourself to another level, as well as this beautiful world around us all.

Check out AfrobeatsByAda “Love Your Body” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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