Jidé – Let U Down

Jidé – Let U Down

Artists have long been the innovators and trend setters of our time. Being able to give us the new waves and vibes we need for our life, as they guide to what’s cool and hip in the world. When an artists brings their own signature work to the forefront, it can really set a precedence for what music is in this time, and what to look for when listening to others. With an artist like Jidé he always brings the right sound at the right time, and with his latest release “Let U Down” he brings the new vibes for the year.

Jidé elevates his sound to kick off the new year in a major way on his new song “Let U Down”. The sound is truly smooth and fluid as wine, as well as ages with just alike, with an approach that gets better with every listen. It’s that music that can be best described as a vibe, because of how intense you feel the music in your spirit, as you get lost in the hypnotizing feel of it that slows down time. Jidé is brilliant at his tone and conveying the right amount of emotion to let that melodies, melt in to the music as the heartfelt lyrics intertwine it all to make it all stick together to make one ultra record.

Jidé’s “Let U Down” is the perfect start to the year for this ever growing hitmaker. He musically shines in a special way, to make something that sounds good but also gives the listener a true experience of music, that they can take in and enjoy without limitless, for this record that truly slows down time for you to take in and take in every intricacies in its totality, on this sure hit!

Check out Jidé “Let U Down” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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