Kairo x Sha’Ki – No Dayz Off

Kairo x Sha’Ki – No Dayz Off

Being an artist is something that is not for the weak. Working in a craft where people expect to be wowed immediately, to have their preferences met. Especially when you’re an artist who is known to make quality music with every release, the pressure is even higher to not slack, with people coming to you to hear the best. Kairo and Sha’Ki rises to the occasion and makes light work of that pressure on their new song “No Dayz Off”.

Kairo and Sha’Ki puts in overtime to give us all that work on his new release “No Dayz Off”. Everything you love from their sound is on this record, except this time it sounds like an action packed sequel full of more action, and excitement at every turn. The presence is bold and unapologetic in the relentless approach, that explodes with every bar that has you invested more than ever, on this record that doesn’t give you a second to breathe, on this exhilarating experience of music.

Kairo’s “No Dayz Off” is a record strong enough to take over the world. They’re big time artists, with big time music that always makes a loud statement to show they’re the real deal. They understand the power of music, and puts no limits to the sound, with worldwide appeal to it that takes it the stars, on an out of this world performance that gives you all you could ever need.

Check out Kairo and Sha’Ki “No Dayz Off” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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