Shon Weathers – PLAYER 1

Shon Weathers – PLAYER 1

Music can shine when you hear the talent in it, but music connects when you feel the soul in it. That music that brings you closer to the person behind it, with a high level of transparency to the approach that resonates to the fullest. Those type of records have long been the backbone of Hip Hop music, being a genre that people come to for the soul in music. Shon Weathers keeps that spirit alive with his new song “PLAYER 1”.

Shon Weathers takes us through his journey in the music business brilliantly on his new song “PLAYER 1”. The music packs soul in every way ,especially in the sound. A nice chill smooth vibe that you can feel vibe to, while he lets his presence be felt with conviction in his approach that delivers with masterful precision to bring the writing to life. The lyrics are sharp in their story telling with the intricacies in the details, coming to life as well as bringing incredible lyricism to make you resect his pen as well, to bring a complete vision to life.

Shon Weathers “PLAYER 1” is that real Hip Hop that represents the culture to the fullest. The integrity in the music shines through to give you that authenticity and realism, that makes people lifetime fans. It’s superb in every aspect of the craft, from the soul sound, supreme lyricism, and the ambitious flow that you head the hunger in, that makes you get invested on his journey of greatness.

Check out Shon Weathers “PLAYER 1” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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