Felicia Lu – Dear Karma

Felicia Lu – Dear Karma

A refreshing space of music is where appeal and high level artistry meet. At times it feels for a song to have mass appeal it has to be simple in its approach, but its always great to hear songs that are rooted in substance, to make something that the world will love. Thats what you get from Felicia Lu on her new song “Dear Karma”.

Felicia Lu shines in her songwriting to make a song that connects to the fullest on her new song “Dear Karma”. The music sets the perfect tone with a dark pop sound, laced with an infectious bass line to make you follow the vision just right. Once you catch the sound you fall in love with Felicia’s sweet tone that sounds like the world should hear it, as it delivers the well crafted lyrics that come to life more and more with every second, to make it the perfect story you can feel and be invested in.

Felicia Lu’s “Dear Karma” is an instant smash that gives you people everywhere something to enjoy. The commercial appeal in the music shines, but her artistry shines even more with her knack for making must hear music, shining through to deliver something incredible worth investing in. If you love a major sound in your music, you will love everything she gives to the music and more.

Check out Felicia Lu “Dear Karma” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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