Bvmmer & Samurai Del – Choke

Bvmmer & Samurai Del – Choke

Artists are more advanced than they’ve ever been. Countless special creatives are coming out daily, and collaborating with each other, in a major way to make music that stands out like never before. The latest collaboration from Bvmmer and Samurai Del is a shining example of the new class of artists with the new record “Choke” being a shining example of the endless possibilities.

The new collaboration between Bvmmer and Samurai Del brings it all together and let’s their talents shine on the new record “Choke”. The vocals are filled with good energy, that makes everything feel fresh and fun, while all of this taking place over an amazing production that genre bends at a high level, while packing mass appeal to make it a sure fire hit that will be played everywhere.

Bvmmer and Samurai Del “Choke” is one of the freshest songs you will hear present day. It’s a record that shows where master class musicianship, and digestibility meet a must hear sound that anyone who listens will love. If you want to hear a song that feels good to hear, then hit play now and witness the magic of the sound that os on full bloom.

Check out Bvmmer and Samurai Del “Choke” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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