Angel Rider – magic mushroom

Angel Rider – magic mushroom

The magic in the music shines when it’s creative. When you hear the record and it embodies everything it is to hear a new song, with a fresh approach to the music that every element to the sound work in perfect harmony to make something, that stands out as you discover something fun to dive into. That creativity in music is what makes you have to come to an artist, as they bring a sound you can only get from them and thats what you get from Angel Rider on the new song “magic mushroom”.

Angel Rider reaches a new frontier in the music on the new song “magic mushroom”. The title is most fitting with a special sound that you feel the pure magic in, as the innovation in the approach shines to the fullest. The hyperpop approach to the sound brings the lights out the speakers, as you get lost in waves of the music that make you feel the good vibes in the record, that is set to leave earth with its out of this world sound.

Angel Rider’s “magic mushroom” is an impressive body of work that gives fans everywhere that more they want in music. The creativity is on full bloom and makes for a great listen every time, as you hear it all come together in a divine way to embody the art that music is and will forever be.

Check out Angel Rider “magic mushroom” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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