Lodak Loso – Juvie

Lodak Loso – Juvie

One of the best things to hear in music is a vision coming to life. Those songs that you hear and picture the music the way it should be heard best, as you get lost in the sound. That’s one of the many reasons music has long been the soundtrack for our lives, as it finds an occasion for us to play it, and with this new record from Lodak Loso called “Juvie” you know it will have clubs everywhere going crazy.

Lodak Loso makes a high energy stripper anthem on his new song “Juvie”. The music is commanding and flows well with a sound that you can’t ignore as you feel every knocking 808 and paint chord that set the ultimate tone. The songwriting shines with his record making being on full display, with the raw approach to the vocal cadence working its magic, to make some damn good music one listen will never be enough for.

Lodak Loso’s “Juvie” is the perfect record full of vibes to show his high level of musical skills to the fullest. The vocal performance packs major flavor, the songwriting bring the vision to life perfectly and the production is a vibe that truly makes this record a stand out track the world will love.

Check out Lodak Loso “Juvie” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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