Voltalysis – Psycho Killing Machine

Voltalysis – Psycho Killing Machine

Every artist has their own intent with their music that shines through. The way it can go truly doesn’t have limits to make something for people to enjoy, but music is impossible to ignore when it’s disruptive. Those smash records that rough up the listener, with their unapologetic sound that doesn’t dare fit in a box, but makes music that stands out with its own sound like no other. That’s what you get and will love about this new piece of art from Voltalysis called “Psycho Killing Machine”.

Voltalysis marvels with his commanding sound that you feel for every second on the new song “Psycho Killing Machine”. This thrilling experience of audio, is everything that makes you get lost in the music, with a daring approach that connects together in, it’s own special way to make something sonically exciting to hear. For this special sound, you get vocal performance that is just as chilling as the sound, to make sure you feel it all while being on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

Voltalysis “Psycho Killing Machine” is a genre bending masterpiece that puts it all together to make one big time sound, to show the power of creativity and innovation in music. The originality in the sound makes it that much more enjoyable, as you get a fresh dose of music that creates it’s own wave for us to ride and have fun being fans of the music, that doesn’t disappoint.

Check out Voltalysis “Psycho Killing Machine” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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