Penny Roox – It’s Not Real

Penny Roox – It’s Not Real

The power of music is something truly supreme. It’s a tool that can truly change the world, spark thoughts, or be that friend in need whenever you need it. If you’re an artist it’s important to understand that and treat it with the most care, because there’s no telling the effect you can have on the listener. The ultra talented Penny Roox understands this to perfection with the new song “It’s Not Real”.

The new song from Penny Roox is a work of art that shows just how powerful music can be on “It’s Not Real”. The songwriting is truly brilliant, and soulful to the point you can call it the gospel, as you can feel every word being spoken. The way Penny allows herself to be vulnerable in the vocal approach, makes you feel everything so much more, with everything clicking over this amazing production that makes this record beyond words.

Penny Roox “It’s Not Real” is what you get, when an artist is honest and truly daring in their approach. Baring your soul to the world is never an east feat, but her willingness to put herself out there, makes this a brave piece of art that pays off majorly for this special kind of talent, that the world should know.

Check out Penny Roox “It’s Not Real” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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