Kylie Michele – Inside

Kylie Michele – Inside

People come to music for different things, but something we all look for in music is a major release. Those big time records that stand out from everything we hear as supreme, with a digestible sound full of appeal that the world all stands in one accord to love. That type of sound is what you get from Kylie Michele on the new song “Inside”.

Kylie Michele brings a master class of music to make something you can feel on the new song “Inside”. The song shines in many ways, but something that grabs you immediately is the strength that you hear in Kylie’s singing. A power to it that you feel the soul in, as the world beater in her comes out to bring the writing to life, about falling in love after picking up the pieces. The production is big enough to bring it to life with a nice acoustic piano touch to it, that pushes things forward for us all to take in to a righteous level.

Kylie Michele’s “Inside” is a powerful record, that shows the presence good music will always have. It excels in every way musically to bring an experience for the listener, that the authenticity of it shines through, with you being able to feel the music, just as well as you can hear it on this masterpiece of audio.

Check out Kylie Michele “Inside” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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