Convey – Viribus

Convey – Viribus

Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone has a great year full of peace, love, and good music. To kick off the year right, it was a must that we bring a special tune that embodies the impact we hope to make this year. A big time record that can’t be denied on its pursuit to greatness. That type of sound is what you get from Convey on the new must hear release “Viribus”.

Convey delivers an out of this world smash on their new song “Viribus”. The sound captures what is to hear music that encompasses being an experience. When you hit play the sounds come together to make a world around you, as you get lost in the major sound that builds very well throughout, with a drum solo that makes this record leave earth. To match the sound you get a commanding vocal performance that has a rawness you can’t shake, to make this song undenibale in every way.

Convey’s “Viribus” is a statement of a record that shows that this supreme group is worth every listen. With every second of music they deliver, it gets better as each element of the music comes together to make something sonically brilliant, on what is a must hear master class of music that fans everywhere can enjoy.

Check out Convey “Viribus” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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