BabyDior – I’m Trippin

BabyDior – I’m Trippin

The beginning of the year is always exciting for music, as countless artists start coming back out to make the year hot. With so much music entering the fold, it really takes an impressive record to stand out, as well become something that gets the culture invested in their pursuit of taking over the year and beyond. With a track like “I’m Trippin” from BabyDior, we truly witness something thats worth buying into.

BabyDior delivers an incredible body of work to start the year off on fire on his new song “I’m Trippin”. The music packs a high level of flex to make it instantly engaging, as the production rides with knocking 808’s and paint keys to set the tone perfectly. Once you feel the sound you get to feel his presence, that is commanding with so much bravado in the approach that makes you a believer, while he kicks his fly rhymes to connect it all in major way for us all to be fans of.

BabyDior’s “I’m Trippin” is song with unlimited replay value that you will be able to enjoy more with every listen. It’s that engaging Hip Hop music that people like to buy into, as the star presence to the sound shines to the fullest, in every facet of the song to make sure we all pay attention to this must hear artist who is sure to make a splash in 2022!

Check out BabyDior “I’m Trippin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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