Artist Spotlight: ziiDiL x illmana

Artist Spotlight: ziiDiL x illmana

Music is undeniable when it doesn’t waste time grabbing you. Those enticing records that grab you and shake up your world, with a new sound you never heard before, that is captivating and makes you buy in to the artistry in a real way. That type of a la carte sound is what you get from ziiDiL and illmana.

Two extremely talented artists who come together to make music with high class creativity like no other. The high energy to the sound is perfect for the rawness, they deliver in the approach that makes you not only listen to the music but feel it majorly. As you become more wrapped up in the sound, you’re able to dive into the writing that is packed with substance that makes artists legendary, as they capture the times in vivid details to make the music timeless.

That facet in their music shines majorly in a song like “FREE MARKET!” that is a daring display of music like no other, that encompasses everything they do well and more. They also bring that same sophistication to their song “tesseract”, that creates a thrilling experience of the music for the listener to get engaged, as they shine to the fullest.

Everything that makes music exciting to witness is what ziiDiL and illmana come together to do to a superb level. They don’t set themselves on following trends, but instead creates their own wave, that is bigger than any box music can be kept in. If you want to hear music that gives you that fresh reminder on why its fun to still be a fan of music, then hit play and enjoy their sound now!

Check out ziiDiL and illmana’s music below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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