Oberka – Jolly

Oberka – Jolly

The biggest driving force for this platform is being a fan. A fan of great music, and being a fan of amazing artistry. Coming across so much music, it’s easy for things to become routine but great music always reminds you of the purpose this is all driven behind. An artist who allows us to be fans is Oberka, with his latest release “Jolly” being a fresh approach to this sound.

Oberka makes music beyond words on his new indie dance pop song “Jolly. The music blends genres perfectly to put it in a class of it’s own. Handling the pressure of bringing music with out vocals in stellar fashion, he makes music with unlimited grooves to feel and enjoy, as you get engulfed in the waves of his special sound he brings to the forefront. The sound is funky and warm with a retro tough, that he brings a fresh approach to that makes this must hear record supreme.

Oberka’s “Jolly” is a record that simply feels good to hear. It’s music that you can play and enjoy without limits, with a sound that is beyond the subjectivity of music. If you love good music, then you will love every single second he blesses us with, to enjoy life that much more to his one of a kind sound.

Check out Oberka “Jolly” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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