730FM & Phntm Mnce – Caged

730FM & Phntm Mnce – Caged

Many factors go into music sticking with you. You can have a good beat and some good rhymes, but that doesn’t always mean the people will tune in. It takes having a special thing in your music to make it engaging. That thing people feel as real to make them believers. 730FM and Phntm Mnce have that special thing with the new song “Caged”.

730FM and Phntm Mnce come to together to bring super dope sounds for the world to enjoy on the new song “Caged”. The production is laced with incrizbdle sample work that horns float over, while the 808’s pop out the speakers just right, and the music is complimented with impressive rhyming, that stands out with great commanding energy in the flows and incredible lyricism that stands out majorly to keep you coming back for more.

730FM and Phntm Mnce “Caged”. is that gold standard Hip Hop that continues to show off how much life is in the culture. Not one second is wasted showcasing their amazing talent and making a musical experience that purists and casual fans can enjoy alike, as the quality of the music being supreme in every way.

Check out 730FM and Phntm Mnce “Caged” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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