Daruii – Matrix

Daruii – Matrix

Music resonates most when you can feel the energy of the record. That emotion the artist puts into the music, that makes you feel the music in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise. That approach to the music always makes for an enjoyable experience and Daruii, does this to a supreme level on his new commanding record called “Matrix”.

Daruii puts his all into the music to bring a stand out sound on his new song “Matrix” The raw energy of his sound is what grabs you immediately as you get engulfed, in the big time sound of the production that the fire in his approach burns through to the fullest. While you get to enjoy the sound, you get to dive deeper into the writing that goes deep and is just as daring as the music, to make sure it hits the mark musically as well as something people can feel.

Daruii’s “Matrix” is a disruptive record that shakes up the culture to give us something real. We get enjoy his special sound that always something electrifying and captivating for us all, but also something that represents his artistry to the fullest, with his unapologetic approach to this music resonating more than ever.

Check out Daruii “Matrix” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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