Rodo – Don’t Play With My Heart

Rodo – Don’t Play With My Heart

Music is something that truly has a thing for everyone to enjoy. Especially in a time where the releases are endless, as artists from all over the world put out their best work. Even with as much music that is out there, it’s hard to find songs where the writing is the focus. Being able to enjoy the intricacies of the words that form together to give the listener a musical experience to follow. Rodo is able to fill that void and show the magic of a well written song on his new release “Don’t Play With My Heart”.

Rodo brings a sound thats full of emotion in every way on his new song “Don’t Play With My Heart”. The song thrives in its ability to make everything come on one accord, to make one amazing cohesive sound. The production serves it all up with an acoustic piano approach to it, that allows the heartfelt writing to be the focus, as Rodo puts his soul into the music with so much vulnerability to the tone, that it tugs at your heart with every line.

Rodo’s “Don’t Play With My Heart” is beautiful display of music that captures the art that it truly is. It delivers in the audio in a brilliant way, and also in the visuals that bring this vision to life to a supreme level. Rodo gives his all to the music, and resonates in a real way with the care in the music shining through to deliver something you can get invested in to the highest level.

Check out Rodo “Don’t Play With My Heart” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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