mo groov – Not My Type

mo groov – Not My Type

Music has long been something that has allowed the mind to run free. Those classic records that you can play after a long day, and let go of all our problems as you get lost in the sounds that feel good to hear. When you catch one of those records, it always keeps you coming back for more and more is what you will want from mo groov with the new song “Not My Type”.

A record that does wonders to the soul for every second is what you get from mo groov on the new song “Not My Type”. As soon as you hit play the magic commences, with a brilliant sound that makes you move with every infectious groove that delivers sweet music to the ears. To compliment the sound you get an amazing vocal performance that shines through to give you this complete musical vision that will keep you coming back for time to come.

This fresh release from mo groove is everything that keeps people invested in music. It’s a record that stands out in the souk of it, with music that creates a mood that you will be running to jam to every chance you get. The production is must hear, the writing is a match made in heaven with it, and vocally it melts you to make it must hear in every way.

Check out mo groov “Not My Type” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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