Lightshore – I’ll Go Mine

Lightshore – I’ll Go Mine

The subjectivity of music is something that always plays a factor. Everyone having their own opinion about thats a great sound and what makes it stand out, but something that always makes things undeniable is a big sound. A sound that is captivating and creates an experience of sound, where the music brings you into its world that you don’t leave till the music stops. That type of sound is what you get from Lightshore on the new song “I’ll Go Mine”.

Lightshore brings their major sound to the forefront for the world to enjoy on the new song “I’ll Go Mine”. This record is truly one that you feel in every way, as the Indie Rock influenced sound sets the tone for the heartfelt lyrics, that are delivered with the masterful vocals that you feel the yearning in to make it all connect in the best way possible. As the music progresses you become even more invested with the verses, setting up the chorus that leaves earth to make it an out of this world record worth every listen.

Lightshore’s “I’ll Go Mine” is an outstanding release that shows off their major talent that will make you an instant fan, as well as give you a record that shows how much fresh life is still in music. If you want to hear a supreme sound you can’t deny, then you should hit play on this record now that makes you believe in the power of music.

Check out Lightshore “I’ll Go Mine” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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