L Roman – Drama

L Roman – Drama

A true mark of a great artist is one that can take their own personal experience and make incredible music. Baring their soul and making the listener grow true fan attachment to their work, all while still making music with that right bounce to it. All of that is what L Roman gives you on the new song “Due Time”.

L Roman gives you a record packed with gems that shine to the fullest, on the new song “Drama”. The authenticity grabs you in instantly while being super relatable and also being lyrically sharp through out this Grime track. The incredible lyrics are delivered with powerful a flow, that delivers each line with the right amount of intensity, needed to truly to take this track to its rightful destination of greatness.

L Roman’s “Drama” brings an honest approach that makes you connect to the music in a real way. The song packs an infinite amount of realism, as he spits masterfully with an ambitious flow filled with conviction over a hard sound that is pure gold. He not only brings great flow but intricate lyricism that tells a story with his pen, that marvels like no other.

Check out L Roman “Drama” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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