Hein Cooper – Only

Hein Cooper – Only

The best songs are the ones that allow you to be a fan of the music. The songs that only lead your mind to enjoyment, and stops any thoughts of critiques you can come up with. Those songs are rare and magical when you hear them, and the magic of Hein Cooper’s sound is on full display on his new song “Only”.

Hein Cooper makes an undeniable work of art that genre bends at a high level on the new song “Only”. The records has so many amazing elements, that it bring an infinite amount of good thoughts that can leave one tongue tied in description. The production is supreme and brings music like you’ve never heard, while his commanding vocals melt you with the emotion put into, it to make sure you feel it all as it comes to life in a divine way.

Hein Cooper’s “Only” is a musical work of art that break barriers. It’s a sound and talent that can be successful in any part of the world, with something special to it you can’t get from just anyone. He gives his all to make something enjoyable in the music, and it resonates to an amazing level on this record, you owe it to yourself to stop everything you’re doing and hear it now!

Check out Hein Cooper “Only” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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