Jance – Last Dance

Jance – Last Dance

To stand out in music, now more than ever the artist has to make a certain connection with the listener. It has to be more than just making something that sounds good to hear, but it has to be something that people feel as real. Being in a time where music isnt the ultimate sell, an artist has to sell themself majorly to make any real impact. With an artist like Jance he always makes music that you feel the hunger and authenticity in, with every release of his wide range of sounds. With his latest release “Last Dance” he gives you everything he’s famous for and more.

Jance ends this year off with fireworks on his latest release “Last Dance”. Part of being a great artist, is being masterful in your timing, and he does that to perfection to end this year off to give people something to dance to. The vibes of the music bring a chill feel that lets you leave your problems at the door, while Jance serves as the perfect emcee for this party, to deliver his superb rhyming that slides with every word, while showing off his pen to put the scene on notice that he’s still the man in the city.

Jance’s “Last Dance” is the perfect embodiment of everything he delivers in his city. The impression he leaves in his music, is everything that makes you a fan of someone for a lifetime, with the feeling his music invokes making it the perfect soundtrack for our lives, with a song you can feel for every occasion. Hit play now and enjoy some of his finest work to date!

Check out Jance “Last Dance” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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