Artist Spotlight: ROLF

Artist Spotlight: ROLF

More and more we are seeing artist put sounds together from everywhere to make one socially brilliant sound. Taking things we love from different genres, and bending them as they see fit to give the people something fresh to enjoy, as well as buy into. ROLF is a major talent that embodies everything that makes the new wave stand out, with his latest work

His sound is on full bloom on his fresh new project called “ILUSIONES”. A six track EP that gives you all you could want from an artist and more. You get to hear his talent shine through on records like “SOLTERA”, that has a west coast bounce to make a summer anthem, or a songs like “CAILE”  and “DEJA/ CALMAME” that goes deep in its subject matter to make people think. All capturing an Reggaeton sound with the perfect dash of Hip Hop, while his smooth vocals slide into the listener’s ear to make sure it all is enjoyable for every second of audio he gives to the world.

If you’re looking for where music is headed, you can look towards an artist like ROLF for the answer. A daring creative who gives their all to the music in every way, to make music for the people to enjoy without limits.

Check out ROLF’s new project “ILUSIONES” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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