Jackson Harris- I Can’t Stop

Jackson Harris- I Can’t Stop

Nothing makes life more enjoyable like a great record. Not only a great record, but music that slows the world down for you, as you pay witness to something extraordinary. Those type of records come far in few between present day but when you hear it, you always are reminded of the magic of music, and that magic on full display from Jackson Harris in his new song “I Can’t Stop”.

Jackson Harris brings one of the best songs you will hear present day on his new song “I Can’t Stop” It’s one of those rare releases, that go beyond anyones preference with the music being undeniable in every way. The production has a classic feel to it, packed with bright lights that make for an exciting listen, with him working wonders with his vocal approach, to deliver the writing perfectly on this one of a kind hit that you feel for every second.

Jackson Harris “I Can’t Stop” is the perfect record, to show how amazing music can be when done right. He dares to not fit in any one box and make something truly innovative that you must share with others. A musical masterpiece is what you get for every second on this special jam.

Check out Jackson Harris “I Can’t Stop” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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