Yurifa – Lovin’ Me

Yurifa – Lovin’ Me

With so much music out there, there’s music out there to fit anyone’s preference, but something that always stands out is records with major appeal to them .Those big time records with a digestible sound that you hear and know that it was made with the full intention of the world hearing it, and enjoying it to the fullest. That mass appeal is what stands out about Yurifa’s new song “Lovin’ Me”.

Yurifa brings a major sound that is impossible to ignore on the new song “Lovin’ Me”. Everything about this release stands out as supreme, with a high quality to it that puts it in a special class of artistry to enjoy. Her star quality resonates, as you take in her charisma and sass in her approach, that delivers the writing to the max, as the well crafted verses, serve up the catchy to chorus to take things to another level.

Yurifa’s “Lovin’ Me” is an amazing body of work that shows the power that a mega hit will always have. As subjective as music can, and will always be there are records out there that stand above the rest, with a professional touch to it that you hear the care in every aspect, to make upper echelon work that can travel to any part of the world.

Check out Yurifa “Lovin’ Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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