The Day – Empty

The Day – Empty

A song that sounds good, is an easy song to enjoy, but a song that is rooted in substance is a song that can lasts. Those songs with great depth to the work and content, that reflects our times and gives us something that makes us think, as our mind explores the topics and sounds presented in the work. The Day brings that type of work with their new song “Empty”.

The Day brings a big time sound with strong writing to make a masterpiece with the new song “Empty”. On the surface you get feel good euphoric sound in the production that creates a blissful tone to the music, but once you explore the sound, you find the genius in the writing that takes on social issues in a real way. To deliver it all you get a strong vocal performance that is the perfect contrast, to the heavy subject matter to give it all that perfect balance that holds strong.

The Day’s “Empty” is powerful record that uses its time with the listener to put the world on notice and gives us all something think about. Musically its in a class of it’s own with it all bring done to a supreme level, while the visuals bring it to life to make the vision connect in every way possible, for us all to take it in and enjoy.

Check out The Day “Empty” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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