Music is today is really a singles game. Countless artists just releasing one song at once, to the point when you do get a full body of work, the music can lack cohesiveness since they all weren’t made with the same concept in mind. With that being the case it’s easy to forget how great it is to hear a socially pleasing body of work, that flows like to the listener, to get them engulfed in the waves of the sound. MOVEANDREAM gives us all that reminder with his latest EP “MOVEANDDANCE”.

MOVEANDDREAM brings his name to life on his new EP “THE O.D (ORIGINAL DREAMER)”. The project consists of five records, and 13 minutes of music, that understands the essence of taking advantage of the listener’s time, and bringing the right vibes to it. The project kicks off with the infectious “Can Not Tell It All”. A ultra smooth record laced in grooves that set the ultimate tone for you to dream, and follows up with “Mic Check” to make you move to hold true to the concept in its greatest light.

MOVEANDDREAM’s “THE O.D (ORIGINAL DREAMER)” EP is a Afro Soul at it’s finest, with a special sound that feels good to hear, as the magic of the music comes together in a divine way, to give us something that makes life more enjoyable with it’s presence. Each song brings more life to the culture, with a mastery in its approach that makes it resonate in a real way, as you enjoy each song in its entirety to the point you will want to keep it on repeat for time to come.

Check out MOVEANDDREAM “THE O.D (ORIGINAL DREAMER)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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