Mc Chido – Before The Storm EP

Mc Chido – Before The Storm EP

Music truly resonates when you hear the care in to. That music that you hear each element being fined tuned to perfection to bring quality like no other, as each intricate part from the writing, production, and vocal approach playing its part to a high level to make for a musical experience like no other. That care is what shines bright from Afro-beats artist Mc Chido on his fresh release “Before The Storm”.

Mc Chido tackles love, passion, loss, celebration, and hope with his new EP “Before The Storm”. This seven track, twenty minute project has many intriguing elements to it, but one of it’s brightest is the love and soul put into the music. As soon as you hit play you feel the music in a real with “Step In The Name Of Love” serving up this project to us, to let us know the amazing work that we are in for. From there you get quality in every song especially with the stand out single “Your Body” that he glides through with ease to give musical bliss for every second.

Mc Chido’s “Before The Storm” is a brilliant display of music that covers all the roller coaster emotions of life to make an incredible body of work that will have you invested in every way. It shines bright musically with the each record being a strong representation of his high class artistry, while also delivering an authentic body of work that you make a soul connection with it, to make it all complete for the world to enjoy.

Check out Mc Chido “Before The Storm” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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