Knob Tuner RADIO – AHH Vol 1

Knob Tuner RADIO – AHH Vol 1

The possibilities of music you can find present day is truly endless. So many different sounds coming from every side of the world, to make something enjoyable. With so much music, there still seems to be a void for great groups. A collective of creatives putting their minds together to make, something remarkable that the world can find enjoyment. Groups have long made some of the best work, that have lasted the times and Knob Tuner RADIO shows the power of collaboration with their new project “AHH Vol 1”.

Knob Tuner RADIO brings incredible innovation to the forefront on the new project “AHH Vol 1”. AHH is short for Africa High House. A find that ex[lore the endless possibilities of African House Music. The music shines in many ways especially the daring approach to the sound. The project follows no rules as it finds it now lane, and puts it foot on the gas to bring musical brilliance to life on stand out records like “Fanta” featuring Yoma Yoma, as well as “For You” featuring Black Stone, that encompasses the incredible creativity that makes you get lost in the sound.

Knob Tuner RADIO’s “AHH Vol 1” is a must hear that sounds like a new frontier for the African House sound. They show how much room is left, to bring something new in music in a time where you can feel you’ve heard it all, as well as the value of minds working in perfect harmony to make one, outstanding piece of art that is fun to take in for every second of this, 10 track project that gives us 40 minutes of music like no other.

Check out Knob Tuner RADIO “AHH Vol 1” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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