Jonathan Shapiro – Anemic

Jonathan Shapiro – Anemic

When building your fanbase its important to be consistent in your quality. That standard of music that people come to expect from you, that makes them expect top quality from every release before they even hit play. With an artist like Jonathan Shapiro, you can can expect a big time song with every release he brings to the world with his latest release “Anemic” being a shining example of that.

Jonathan Shapiro his biggest release yet with his new song “Anemic”. The Rock touch to the music gives it a captivating feel, that resonates to the fullest as it grabs your attention to make you slow down and take in the emotion of the record. The writing does deep than ever, with unfiltered truth in every line, that is masterful in its approach to put the right amount of emotion to every word, as it all comes to life for us all to feel and enjoy to the fullest.

Jonathan Shapiro’s “Anemic” is a a must hear musical experience full of emotion that you must be apart of. It doesn’t waste a single second getting you invested with an electrifying feel to the music, that makes you buy into the artistry in every way, as you feel each moving part play its part to the fullest, to make one socially brilliant record full of emotion that you will enjoy more with every listen.

Check out Jonathan Shapiro “Anemic” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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