Jacob McCurdy – Make a Fuss

Jacob McCurdy – Make a Fuss

Music last the times when its real. When its filled with substance and life lessons that we can learn from, and relate to as we try our best to maneuver through this thing called life.When a record has something real that you can feel, it always has a special place in your life, because it will always be something that you can run to, when you need to hear a message the most, and thats what Jacob McCurdy delivers on the new song “Make a Fuss”.

Jacob McCurdy brings you a sound full of soul to give the world more on the new song “Make a Fuss”. The production has a strong sound, that has a nice blues touch that sets the ultimate tone for the soul put into the music, with a sound you can feel right away. Jacob is superb at putting emotion into his singing that brings the writing to life, as he takes on leaning on people you care about to get you by, with an honest approach that makes it resonate at the highest level to bring it all to life.

Jacob McCurdy’s “Make a Fuss” is a powerful record that pours into the listener in a real way. It’s that apsecial class of music that delivers in every way musically to make it a great listen, but shines more supreme with the substance put into the music, that is something you can feel and relate to, on this body of work that you will be able to come to for time to come.

Check out Jacob McCurdy “Make a Fuss” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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