Class Vee – Where Do We Stand

Class Vee – Where Do We Stand

Music has long been something that people come to for many things, especially relationships. Those classic records we fall in love with, and always go to when we need them most, as it captures our intimate and vulnerable thoughts that we can’t always put into words. It’s these type of records that make you connect with the music, as well as the person behind the music, and Class Vee delivers that for us all on the new song “Where Do We Stand”.

Class Vee delivers a record full of soul and appeal on the new song “Where Do We Stand”. The production brings a big time sound that captures, you with a major feel to it that gives it commercial appeal, and Class Vee uses this to her advantage to shine through majorly. Her presence is felt in a real way, with her gives us all she has in the singing that is more than enough to bring the writing to life, as she delivers in the verses and takes off in the chorus to give us a complete body of work that works wonders to give the people, something they can get invested in.

Class Vee’s “Where Do We Stand” is a record that hits every mark to deliver a musical work of art for fans everywhere to enjoy. We get a record that we feel the real emotion in, as the writing is relatable and comes to life right before our eyes, with a big time sound in the production that we can get lost in, and the brilliant singing delivering to the fullest, to make it an impossible record to not enjoy.

Check out Class Vee “Where Do We Stand” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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