Yeloboi Tommy – OUAH

Yeloboi Tommy – OUAH

Now more than ever its important as an artist to not waste any time getting people invested in the music. Competing with so many different sounds and artists, all going for gold as they they vie for the people’s attention to buy into their artistry. You have to be commanding and the talent has to stand out immediately to have any real chance to gain fans, and Yeloboi Tommy does that and more on his new song “OUAH”.

Yeloboi Tommy delivers an impressive body of work that will make you a fan instantly on the new song “OUAH”. Everything about this record is major, as his big time energy in his approach shines through to make must hear music for people everywhere to enjoy. The production knocks to make it engaging and Tommy flexes all over it in the music, as he makes a fan out of all of us to the fullest.

Yeloboi Tommy’s “OUAH” is a smash of a record that is undeniable in its pursuit to give the people all they could want from a stand out talent and more. He excels musically, as you hear the care in the music blaring out your speakers, but he also lets his star presence shine in the visuals that makes him the complete artist worth checking out, with a promising sound that will take him far.

Check out Yeloboi Tommy “OUAH” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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