Phi11a – IDKU

Phi11a – IDKU

Music can stand out for many reasons, especially when you hear the creativity in it. That music that stands out above the rest, with a special element to it that you don’t hear from just any artist. Match that creativity with a sound you can feel, and you truly have something remarkable with music, that does its all to make for a great listen. That’s what you get from Phi11a on the new song “IDKU”.

Phi11a genre bends at a high level to bring you a sound full of emotion on the new song “IDKU”. The major sound in the production packs appeal, with melancholy melodies matched with Hip Hop percussion to give it that knock that makes you buy into the sound right away. Once you feel the sound, you feel the writing that is delivered with the right amount of vulnerability in every line, to bring it all to life for the listener to hang on to every word.

Phi11a’s “IDKU” is a record that puts it all together to let the artistry shine to the fullest, on this one of a kind audio masterpiece that you connect to more emotionally, with each passing second of audio he gives us. The realness to the approach is what you make feel the music, as he gives his all to the music to the point you enjoy it and admire it without limits.

Check out Phi11a “IDKU” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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