opt.cmd Featuring Andrea Moreno – Home

opt.cmd Featuring Andrea Moreno – Home

When hearing an amazing release from an artist, it always brings the question “Can they do it again?”. Being left in awe from the first song you hear from them, you always want to see fi they can do it, or better yet make something even better to become a fan of. With this fresh new release from opt.cmd featuring Andrea Moreno called “Home” they take it to another level to give us more.

The brilliant synth sound of opt.cmd’s music is on full bloom on this new release “Home” featuring Andrea Moreno. As soon as you hit play you feel the magic of the music, with the instrumentation doing its work to the fullest, to make a sound the listener can dream to. Andrea’s vocals are always a match made in heaven with the sound, with their latest effort being a shining example of that fact, as you hear the mastery in her tone shining through to make you the in the writing on this stand out track.

When you hear their latest effort “Home” you know you’re baring witness to something special as the innovation in the approach, delivering in every way to show us the power of being creative in your pursuit to make must hear music. If you’re looking for great artists to enjoy, then you should hit play now and take in the magic of this must hear collaboration.

Check out opt.cmd featuring Andrea Moreno “Home” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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