Nothing In Common – Square One

Nothing In Common – Square One

Something that always makes music stand out is pure emotion being put into it. That soul in the sound that resonates with the listener in a major way, as you are able to feel the music in its entirety. When you feel the music is makes it real for you, and makes it something that can last the times with you. That feel is what you get from Nothing In Common on their new must hear release called “Square One”.

Nothing In Common brings a sound that runs deep in emotion on the new song “Square One”. Everything about this song is master class, but one of the stand out elements of the song is the writing, that is rooted deep in its substance go show the listener its alright to start over. This all takes place over an incredible production that is layered to perfection, and a match made in heaven with the vocals that brings a masterful tone that conveys the right amount of soul at every turn, to guide the listener through this musical journey just right.

Nothing In Common’s “Square One” is a major release that shines in its creativity, as well as the soul put into the music that will keep you coming back to listen, with a sound you have to see running back to. It’s musically masterful in every way, as well as being authentic in its approach to make something that connects with the listener, by giving the world something real they can feel.

Check out Nothing In Common “Square One” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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