L O S T S L E E P – Personne

L O S T S L E E P – Personne

Music that lasts the times is music with substance. That music that you can feel, that is relatable and connects with you, as it speaks to you in a way that most songs don’t. When you can feel the music, it makes you make a connection with not only the song, but the person behind the music, as you feel they understand the way life really works, and L O S T S L E E P gives you that feeling on the new song “Personne”.

L O S T S L E E P gives you musical innovation and relatable writing on the new song “Personne”. As soon as you hit play, you get to feel the energy of the music, with a sound that makes you feel the emotion of the vocals and the appeal of it. The vocal performance brings a warm sweet tone that makes you feel every word , as you get to take in the writing that makes you keep going in times when its tough.

L O S T S L E E P “Personne” is a stand out record that shines bright to give the listener all they could need and more. The music just feels good to hear, with a special sound that you can feel every element of, with a must hear sound that puts it all together to make something that gets you through. Hit play now and enjoy the good vibes of the sound now!

Check out L O S T S L E E P “Personne” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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