Fendi Dom – Better

Fendi Dom – Better

As an artist you have responsibilities that are a must to follow to give the people who they need. Now more than ever one of those things is bringing the vibes people want to hear. Having music that people can feel as they make a connection with the music like no other. That’s what you get from Fendi Dom on his new song “Better”.

Fendi Dom has a commanding sound that is big time in every way on his new song “Better”. The thing that shines the most about Fendi Dom is the energy in his presence. That approach that is filled with raw high energy, that makes him believable. With a hard sound in the production that genre bends to a high level, he manages to shine in the storm of the music, with a masterful approach that delivers the stand out writing with amazing charisma in the delivery, to make it a record that knocks for every second that he gives us.

Fendi Dom’s “Better” is that engaging experience of music filled with must hear that makes the culture that much more fun to enjoy. It’s the music you can play and acknowledge the talent you hear in the record, as well just be a fan of the sound presented to enjoy yourself limitlessly. Hit play now and enjoy this record with major appeal in the audio to make you want to hear more.

Check out Fendi Dom “Better” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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