T E M P O – Keep Going x Horace Tempo EP

T E M P O – Keep Going x Horace Tempo EP

Music is something that inspires like no other. That special thing that we all commonly go to for many reasons, whether it be to get lost in the sounds, or be a fan, or those motivational vibes that keep us going when we need that extra push. When you listen to T E M P O you get all of those things in one with his latest EP called “Keep Going”.

T E M P O refers to “Keep Going” as his own personal motivational playlist and when you hear the music you know exactly why. The EDM and House infused sounds shines to the fullest, with infectious grooved being layered to perfection with an ambient sound that you can get lost in as you dream to the music, and pick yourself up to shoot for the stars, with this stellar EP being the perfect soundtrack for it.

T E M P O’s “Keep Going” is music that represents the artistry to the fullest, as well as live up to the name with an undeniable sound that inspires like no there. The EP is four tracks, and 17 minutes of music, with different variations of the title track, as well as a bonus record called “Africa Affair” that shows off the wide range of sounds he has for the world to enjoy.

Check out T E M P O “Keep Going x Horace Tempo” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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