One of the most exciting things to hear from an artist is them taking chances in their work. Being able to showcase their wide array from talent, as they are able to give you something new that you don’t usually hear from them. TENNIN always shines in her music, being able to put soul into her music to make heartfelt ballads, that you can feel but on her latest release “Set Up” she shows off her artistry to the fullest.

TENNIN brings some of her most creative work to date on her new must hear record called “Set Up”. As soon as you hit play you know you’re getting something refreshing and exciting, with an innovative sound to the music that is layered to perfection to set a tone like no other. TENNIN’s vocal approach is a match made in heaven with the sound, as she brings a unique approach to the vocals that makes for an engaging display of artistry, that keeps you invested for every second.

TENNIN’s “Set Up” is a daring display of audio that gives you even more reasons to love this ultra talented artist. She already has a sound that works for her to the fullest, but her willingness to stay making fresh music, by giving us a new way of hearing her, makes you that much more of a fan as her creative stands out to make you want to keep listening for time to come.

Check out TENNIN “Set Up” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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