Artist Spotlight: MOO$H

Artist Spotlight: MOO$H

If there is any genre of music that is crowded it would definitely be Hip Hop music. A genre of music that a person can wake up with the thought of trying their hand at it, and by the end of the day having a record due to the easy access of it. Due to all the resources out there to make it, means more and more people being out there, making an artist having to truly be a star to shine through in the madness. MOO$H is one of those stars.

MOO$H stands out in a major way because you feel the music as soon as you hear him. Having a presence to him that is impossible to turn away from, as his talent commands your full attention. He sounds like someone who is meant to be an artist, with a rap voice that is engaging with high energy and conviction to it that is perfect for his writing to flourish. On a song like “Don’t Be Silly” he collabs with CXM to bring a high energy sound that he flexes over with a braggadocios flow, sharp verses, met with a catchy hook to bring an appeal like no other.

On other releases like “Trouble” he brings a hard sound to show he’s on other plateau lyrically, with unapologetic rhyming that is boisterous in its approach bringing the ultimate flex to his music, as we all buy into him being the real deal.

MOO$H is everything it takes to be great with music that not only stands out as supreme above the rest, but music that you can feel. He brings that special class of audio in his releases that are beyond subjectivity, with an undeniable sound that makes you become a fan with every listen. If you are looking for the next big thing in Hip Hop music, this is an artist that you will want to get familiar with now!

Check out MOO$H “UNDISPUTED: The Mixtape” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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