Artist Spotlight: Girl Wilde

Artist Spotlight: Girl Wilde

Now more than ever there are more artists than people have to listen to. Countless new artists eating the scene daily, with so much music to pick from its nearly impossible to stand out as an artist. As tough as that is there some artist that always shine through. Those special acts that you hear and know they were meant to be big time. That’s the feel that Girl Wilde has.

Girl Wilde is a supremely talented artist that music shines in a major way. Her music is the perfect storm of strong writing that is relatable, major vocals, and mass appeal to make her undeniable. To bring her tlanrt to to the forefront she releases her latest EP “Being Born & Other Natural Disasters”. A five track, 14 minute EP filled with strong musical prowess and emotion, with stand out songs like “Forgot What It Feels Like” and “Crushing” that brings you the perfect blend of Pop and Rock, to make music that connects like no other.

If you’re looking for the next big artist to get invested in then Girl Wilde, is someone who you should listen to now! Her willingness to take chances in the music pays off majorly, with high transparency met with her must hear talent to make music that will played all over the world for time to come, as she gives us everything we could want and more.

Check out Girl Wilde “Being Born & Other Natural Disasters” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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